Within reason, you can use your basement conversion for pretty much anything you want to. Many people create a basement conversion because they simply want more living space or storage for their growing family without having to leave the home they love. Others, however, have a particular project in mind in order to create a dedicated space for a specific activity, hobby or family member. The uses for basements of simply vast, including but not limited to:

  • Basement Bedrooms
  • Basement Nurseries
  • Basement Playrooms
  • Basement Swimming Pools
  • Basement Cinema Rooms
  • Basement Kitchens
  • Basement Offices
  • Basement Gyms
  • Basement Golf Simulator Rooms
  • Basement Music Rooms
  • Basement Pool/Snooker Rooms
  • Basement Storage
  • Basement Spa/Basement Shower Rooms
  • Basement Bars
  • Basement Underground Garage
  • Underground External Storage
  • Basement Yoga/Pilates Room
  • Basement Snug
  • Basement Massage Room
  • Garden Basements

For instance, if you plan to use your basement conversion to accommodate a home gym or swimming pool, you will likely also want to consider installing shower facilities for convenience. Or, if you want to create a home recording studio, sound proofing will be essential and will need to be considered during the design and build. For a yoga studio, meanwhile, you may well want to consider how to maximise the amount of natural light your basement conversion will be able to access.


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