This basement conversion was quite challenging work structurally, with 3 levels back been the lowest level and a large flow of water into the structure on the lowest point every day, which was continuously pumped out. The ground floor concretes had bowed over the years and dipped in the middle, so this was straightened out with a new water-proof concrete base to give a beautiful level flooring to take the P20 membrane.

My clients stayed in house throughout the conversion with two young children and, although a little draughty, were able to go about their everyday lives unaffected.

This is truly made more space for the family and has many areas for extra storage. The former, wet basements that would periodically flood, has been completely transformed. It is now a light, airy and dry basements that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The space is in constant use by our clients and their family and we are certainly happy to have worked on such an old property so steeped in history.

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