Change an existing garage into a play room for 3 children

The existing garage was to be transformed into a usable habitual damp-free play room and storage facility and was situated below the entrance path/pavement at the front of the property. The cellar had previously been waterproofed by another company incorrectly. Therefore a sympathetic and economical approach to waterproofing this below ground structure needed to be specified due to a limited budget available.

Basement Conversions Yorkshire waterproofed this cellar using Cavity Drain Membrane System in accordance with BS8102:2009 the code of practice for the protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

A 100mm x 80mm deep channel was cut out of the floor around the perimeter of walls and the Base Drain pre-formed drainage conduit was installed within the recess. Then cavity drain membrane was laid on top and to all walls. The floor membrane was overlaid with 22mm thick flooring grade T&G chipboard.

This garage we did not need a pump installing we put together a gravity fed system so any water ingress would just come to the front of the door and soak a way in a made soak-a-way.

Our client saved cost and was happy to finish and paint the walls herself. She was very happy with the end results and we provided her with a 10 year cast iron insurance backed guarantee.


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